1. 6 Tips for Making Better Edibles

    If you love to cook or bake and you also enjoy cannabis, it’s natural for you to want to bring the two together and create your own edibles. While the world of edible creation is fun when you love to create your own concoctions, it isn’t exactly something you can completely improvise. There may be many ways to approach cooking with cannabis, but only some are going to be effective in terms of …Read More

  2. How to Hide Your High

    Though marijuana is legal here in Colorado, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone to know you are high when you’re in public. There are several reasons why someone might suspect you are high, the obvious of which is the smell. First off, as much as we might enjoy the smell of cannabis, not everyone does, so it is courteous to avoid carrying a very strong weed odor. Secondly, if you s…Read More

  3. The Future of Marijuana

    It didn’t take long for roach clips and tie-dye to fade in favor of dabs and dubstep—that’s just how pot culture works. With more and more states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, it’s no surprise that cannabis is becoming more mainstream in American culture—and that has ultimately changed what, how, and why people smoke. But what can we expect from marijuana culture in the f…Read More

  4. Your Guide to Smoking Weed For The Very First Time

    Maybe you’re a traveler who’s come from thousands of miles away to experience Colorado cannabis, or maybe you’re a Grand Junction native who’s a little curious about what cannabis has to offer. Whatever the case, smoking weed for the very first time can be eye-opening and enriching for your life! However, if you’re new to cannabis consumption and culture, there are plenty of things to ke…Read More

  5. 8 Famous Marijuana Enthusiasts from History

    Because marijuana has a long history as an illegal drug, many people are not aware that it has actually been enjoyed recreationally for centuries. Not only that, it has been used by many well-respected people throughout history! Though it is easier here in Colorado to be open about your love of cannabis, it may help to know that you are in great company. In this blog, we will go over the world’s…Read More

  6. The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Cannabis

    When you think of the effects of cannabis, you may think about that “couch-locked,” relaxed feeling and the “munchies” (an intense desire to snack), but cannabis actually produces a wide variety of effects depending on which type you choose. If you have ever been inside a dispensary, you have probably noticed labels that put cannabis in one of three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. T…Read More