High-quality marijuana starts in the ground. That is why we chose to grow our cannabis in Palisade, CO; its naturally fertile soil and high elevation lends itself to thriving plants. Not only that, we also use science-based farming practices to grow in the most sustainable, natural way possible. By starting our dedication to quality from the ground up, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality marijuana on the market. When you are looking for cannabis you can count on, look for The District 8 products at your local dispensary. In the meantime, check out our blog to learn all the latest news about our high-quality cannabis brand!

  1. Essential Accessories for the Marijuana Enthusiast

    One of the most exciting parts of getting into a new hobby is picking out all the equipment you need to get started. If you have just recently been introduced to marijuana and are ready to stop bumming paraphernalia off your friends, it’s time to start investing in some accessories for yourself. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to find all the paraphernalia you need, whether online or at your loca…Read More

  2. 7 ways to hide the marijuana smell

    It’s one of the most distinguishable smells in the world. You could be on lunch break or on a weekend getaway and get a whiff of it. The smell fills you with a unique feeling, one mixed with comfort, relaxation, and excitement. Even if high-quality marijuana doesn't have a place in your life yet, it’s a scent recognizable by almost everyone. So why does cannabis smell the way it does? It’s a…Read More

  3. Cannabis and Sleep: 8 Important Questions – Part 2

    A bedside sleep-aid is a necessary for some. Insomnia sufferers tend to know what it’s like to experience sleep deprivation or even restless sleep when they find it. Nonetheless, we all know what it feels like to not get a good night’s rest. Don’t worry. There is a natural remedy:  High-quality marijuana can help customers get to sleep. However, there is more to the relationship between can…Read More

  4. Cannabis and Sleep: 8 Important Questions – Part 1

    Cannabis can be a great sleep aid. It’s why so many customers keep their preferable indica bedside. Even in cases of insomnia, high-end marijuana can help ease sufferers to sleep. However, there’s a greater relationship between sleep and cannabis than most realize. For example, the longer high-quality marijuana degrades, the sleepier it will make you. Did you know cannabis can help ease you in…Read More

  5. A Comprehensive Guide to Our Marijuana Strains

    At The District 8, we are committed to growing clean, potent, high-quality marijuana. Using the most natural growing strategies, we cultivate a selection of marijuana strains that we have hand-selected to offer you everything you want from your cannabis. In this blog, we will go further in-depth to the specific strains we offer so you can choose the right D8 strain for your desired experience. Gol…Read More

  6. How to Create a Positive Cannabis Experience

    Now that cannabis has been legal in Colorado for several years, the industry is booming. There are more marijuana products and methods of cannabis consumption than ever before. This bounty of choice is a wonderful thing, but it can be overwhelming. Not everyone will enjoy the same cannabis experience, and having a bad one can put you off of it for good. That’s why it is important to determine wh…Read More

  7. How to Stop Being Too High

    If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, chances are, at one point or another, you have been too high. Maybe an edible didn’t kick in when expected and you ended up taking more than you should have. Maybe you were caught off guard by a particularly potent strain. Perhaps you simply have a low tolerance and just accidentally smoked too much. It happens to the best of us, but being too high can fe…Read More

  8. A Glossary of Marijuana Terms

    The world of marijuana is filled with so much technical terminology and cultural lingo—if you’re new to this world, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. Fortunately, the folks at District 8 are here to help. Here’s a glossary of some of the most common marijuana terms to help you have a better understand of weed language and culture. BHO BHO stands for butane hash oil, a concentrated…Read More

  9. Activities That Go Well With Your Weed

    You’re not going to smoke some weed and stare at a wall, are you? (Okay, so it might be a really cool-looking wall.) If you’re going to enjoy cannabis products to their fullest, you’ll need to plan some activities. But what kinds of activities will go well with the strain of District 8 cannabis you just purchased? Let’s take a look at how high-quality marijuana pairs with some of life’s …Read More

  10. Weed Myths Go Up in Smoke

    Marijuana isn’t new, by any means—heck, Queen Victoria used to smoke the stuff to deal with her menstrual cramps! However, legal and mainstream marijuana culture is very new here in the United States, and with a new legal and polarizing substance comes hearsay, rumors, and straight-up myths. If you’re looking to responsibly consume cannabis and enjoy yourself while doing it, you need to see …Read More