Not sure how to roll your own blunt? Frustrated with having to make more than one stop to pick up your cannabis and paper? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Life can get hectic. At District 8, we offer marijuana pre-rolls in blunt form so you can enjoy your luxury cannabis with as little effort as possible. Our all-natural marijuana blunts are rolled in terpene-rich hemp paper and filled with high-quality marijuana flower.

How to use a blunt wrap?

Consider these steps to roll your own blunt:

  1. Gather the supplies: You’ll need your flower-strain of choice, the paper of choice: blunt, cigar, or cigarillo wrap, and a grinder.
  2. Grind your marijuana
  3. Prepare the wrap: This involves splicing and emptying a wrap, or using a clean blunt paper.
  4. Dampen the wrap: Do this to increase stickiness for your ground flower inside the wrap.
  5. Fill the wrap and roll it
  6. Bake the blunt: This involves heating the blunt so the paper seals around the flower.
  7. Light and enjoy.

If these steps seem too time intensive or you don’t have enough time, consider District 8’s high-quality pre-rolled blunts.

Our blunts are handcrafted with luxury cannabis for an elevated high. The paper is all-natural terpene-rich hemp paper providing hints of honey with every puff.

What is blunt wrap made out of?

It’s normal to ask what your blunt paper is made out of. If you’re rolling your own blunts, you could be using a cigar, cigarillo, or even clean paper.

The Cigar: Most cigars have two layers. The inner layer is thinner smaller tobacco leaves, and the outer layer is thicker larger leaves.

The Cigarillo: smaller than the cigar, but still of similar design. The cigarillo is made of fermented tobacco leaves with two layers, and it’s slightly larger than a cigarette.

Blunt Paper: It depends on which kind or where you purchase your rolling paper. Paper is typically made out of non-wood plant fibers, such as flax, hemp, sisal, or other materials. There are also synthetic options available on the market.

District 8 stands above the rest with its pre-rolled blunts: hand-crafted, all-natural paper filled with a high-quality flower. The time it takes to roll your own blunts is eliminated if you choose pre-rolled weed products. Enjoy your blunt. Get back to life.

Do blunt wraps have nicotine in them?

If you use a cigar or cigarillo to roll your own blunts, you will be consuming nicotine since the outer layers are tobacco and the inner layer, although removed, does leave behind residue.

If you’re concerned with consuming nicotine, consider marijuana pre-rolled products. Many pre-rolled weed products are nicotine free, pre-rolled, and available for purchase at a local District 8 location near you.

What’s the difference between a blunt, joint, or spliff?

Paper: Blunts are typically rolled with tobacco paper, which adds to its heavier feel in your fingers. Joints are rolled with a clearer, lighter paper, which makes them lighter and usually smaller than blunts. A spliff, however, is a hybrid of a blunt and a joint, utilizing joint-like paper, but mixing in tobacco-like effects.

Experience: Blunts are heavier in your hand, and they offer a subtle nicotine rush while you enjoy it. The joint usually contains no nicotine, which offers a traditional high from your cannabis. The spliff, however, offers an initial nicotine rush along with the longer effect of the cannabis due to nicotine residue.

District 8 pre-rolls blunts for their customers with terpene-rich hemp paper, filling it with luxury cannabis for their enthusiasts to enjoy. They save you time and enhance your experience.

If you’re tired of rolling your own blunts, stop. You deserve better. Consider District 8’s natural, luxury cannabis and hand-crafted, pre-rolled blunts. Visit a District 8 location near you today!