Many people have a DIY mindset: why pay for something when you can make it yourself? We can understand this mentality because as a business owner, you are always looking for a way to save money and time. While there may be some aspects of your business you can DIY, it doesn’t make sense for the prerolls you sell in your dispensary. If you are trying to offer a consistent, high-quality product without wasting your time or money, here’s why you should contact D8 to supply your pre-rolled marijuana blunts.


Do you know the real cost of rolling your own prerolls in-house? It might seem like the cheaper option, but the reality is, it adds up. The total cost of making your own prerolls depends on a variety of factors:

  • The cost of paper
  • The cost of tubes
  • The cost of the product (Was it bought wholesale? Did you grow it yourself? The cost of the flower will be highly dependent on these factors)
  • The cost of labor (Could employees’ time be used on a more productive task?)

Add up all of these costs and see how much you’re truly spending on your preroll operation. Does it actually save you money, or are you not really getting the return on investment you need?


Money aside, how much time goes into the current preroll operation at your dispensary? This is time when your people could be focusing on tasks that will grow your business. Imagine if, instead of spending time rolling blunts, your employees were building up their upsell and cross-sell skills, or increasing foot traffic into your store? Even pivoting your resources into simpler, manual tasks like pre-packing flower would save your dispensary time. When you get D8 to supply you with prerolls instead, you can devote your whole operation’s time to more important endeavors.


We don’t want to make any assumptions about how you are making your prerolls, but we find that this isn’t exactly the specialty of most dispensaries. Most people don’t realize how much variation there can be between prerolls in terms of quality. For example, are you precision weighing? Are you sure your prerolls are compliant? Some dispensaries “eyeball” it or don’t pay any mind to different weights between prerolls, but the amount of product can make a big difference in quality. Speaking of quality, how is the quality of the bud you’re using? Most dispensaries use the dried up shake at the bottom of their containers to fill their prerolls. This product has been handled many times over and has not been properly preserved. Do you think your customers would be enticed to buy your prerolls if they knew how they were made?

Even if you are using fresh bud, are you grinding it perfectly? How well do you pack it? Chances are, the quality of your prerolls are suffering when you insist on rolling them yourselves. At D8, we have proprietary techniques to make the perfect preroll, every time. Because making superior blunts is our main focus, you can rely on the quality of our products.


Prerolls are one of the most popular menu items at dispensaries. After all, they offer what a lot of clients are looking for: convenience, potency, and cost-effectiveness. This makes it tough for dispensaries to keep up with the demand. How many times a week are you running out of prerolls before you close? If you’re like most dispensaries, this happens more often than your customers would like. At D8, we have a consistent supply, ensuring that we can deliver prerolls to you as your demand grows.

Ready to take the leap? Contact us to learn more about our all-natural marijuana and expertly rolled blunts, and how you can start carrying D8 in your dispensary.