Smoking marijuana brings people together—it builds friendships and starts great conversations. When you smoke with others, disagreements and differences fall by the wayside in favor of unity, laughs, and love.

However, there’s one topic that smokers just can’t agree on: the best method for smoking. Everyone has a favorite smoking apparatus or smoking method—some pull out the pipe, some bring out the bong, and others roll up a fatty for their fun. But which way is the best way? Who will be crowned the Sultan of smoking apparatus?

Today, Colorado’s high-quality marijuana team at District 8 will settle the score on the best way to smoke. To keep this blog from getting too long, we’ll stick to flower-based methods of smoking (we’ll argue about concentrates and waxes and the like in a future blog). Will your favorite method of smoking win? Read on to find out.


At D8, we have a soft spot for blunts—there’s just something about the ritual of rolling one up (or running to the store to buy a pre-roll) that has spoken to smokers for generations.

There are plenty of benefits to smoking blunts. First, it’s a simple and social way to smoke. If you have a large circle of friends, you can pass around a blunt for quite a while, ensuring everyone gets the effects they’re looking for—plus, the rookies in your group won’t have any trouble figuring out how to smoke it like they would with a bong or a pipe. Second, the taste of a blunt is unrivaled. A good blunt paper brings out the flavors of the bud that you’re smoking, which adds to an already enjoyable smoking experience.

Unless you’re an experienced smoker, we’d recommend purchasing a pre-rolled blunt instead of rolling one yourself (it’s harder than it looks). The touch of a blunt-rolling artisan can do wonders for your smoking experience and the amazing effects you’ll feel.


Known as the nephew of the blunt by experienced smokers and as a “marijuana cigarette” by your mom, the joint is an incredibly popular way to smoke. Since they’re so similar in size and feel to cigarettes, joints are usually a go-to option for rookie smokers or those on vacation in a legal state—all you have to do is smoke it and throw away the crutch.

The benefits of joints are vast and well-known: the light paper of a joint doesn’t distract from the taste of your bud like blunt papers can, it’s less harsh than a blunt, and it’s more suitable for small group or personal use. Roll the fattest joint you’ve ever seen for larger groups, or whip up a baby joint for personal use—there are no rules when it comes to the size of your joints.

Once again, we’d recommend buying a pre-rolled joint as opposed to rolling one yourself—if you think rolling a blunt is hard, you’ve never rolled a joint before. If there’s one type of smoking that’s preferred by middle-aged mountain climbers and famous rappers alike, it’s the good ole pre-roll.


Many smokers prefer to ditch the papers entirely in order to have a more intimate experience with their bud—and often, that leads these smokers right to the pipe. Pipes are always there for you when you need them—just clear it out and load a perfectly sized bowl for any occasion. It’s a cleaner, less harmful way to smoke in comparison to blunts and joints, and it’s a much more economical way to smoke as well—only pack as much as you need, and save the rest of your flower for another day.

Pipes also make for a less harsh hit than many other methods of smoking—they naturally cool down the smoke before it goes into your lungs, which can reduce the risk of cottonmouth and dry throat that are common with other forms of smoking.

The best part of smoking a pipe? You can load whatever kind of bud you want into it! Load up some sativa (like the D8 East Coast Sour D or Cherry Lime Haze) to give you energy, or opt for an indica like Afghani or Deathstar to redefine the art of “chilling out.” The options are endless when you have a trusty pipe to turn to.

Bongs (Water Pipes)

If we had to pick a camp that’s most passionate about their method of smoking, we’d have to choose the bong-rippers. They’re certainly passionate for a reason, as there are plenty of benefits to using a bong to smoke.

First, the water element in a bong eases damage on the throat and lungs, and makes for a much cleaner smoking experience. The water (as well as percolators in more advanced bongs) cool down the smoke coming through the bong, virtually eliminating the throat irritation that comes from smoking pipes, joints, and blunts. It also filters out some of the chemicals and ash that would otherwise end up in your mouth.



But according to bong enthusiasts, the best part of smoking a bong is smoking a bong. There’s just something fun about it. You get to fill the chamber, let the pressure and smoke build, then pull the stem and propel the super-clean smoke into your lungs. And the head rush that comes after is something you can’t get from any other method of smoking.

However, bongs do have their downsides. Even the cheapest bongs are pretty expensive, and all it takes is one elbow bump or subterranean tremor to send your bong careening to the floor to be smashed into a billion pieces. Also, they’re not-so-friendly for those who like to smoke in other locations besides their couch.


For the health-conscious smokers out there, the vaporizer (often known as a vape) is a popular choice. This isn’t technically a method of “smoking” weed—instead of combusting weed by burning it, a vaporizer heats your bud to the optimal temperature where the trichomes are boiled and vaporized. Ultimately, it’s the THC that gets you high—vapes extract the THC from the flower so you don’t have to ingest all of the chemicals, tar, and plant matter that can give you a dry throat, a cough, or other allergy symptoms.

However, purchasing a vape can be pretty expensive, and you’ll certainly miss out on the cannabis flavor profiles that make smoking so enjoyable. We’d recommend any of the other methods of smoking over this one—but if health is your number one concern, then a vaporizer is your best choice.

And the winner is…

So who takes the crown in this battle royale of smoking methods? What is definitively the best way to enjoy cannabis and all of its benefits? The answer may surprise you.

Ultimately, the best way to smoke weed is… whichever way YOU like to smoke it! Whether you like to roll up a joint or burn down a bowl, smoking will be an experience that brings you plenty of health benefits, camaraderie, and fun—just make sure you invite your friends along for the ride!

With District 8, it doesn’t matter how you smoke it—we have you covered. Try out our famous pre-rolled blunts for a one-of-a-kind cannabis experience, or pick up some our dense and flavorful flower to load up your pipe or bong. Whichever way you prefer to smoke, it’ll be the D8 cannabis that gives you the best smoking experience. Shop with us today!