A bedside sleep-aid is a necessary for some. Insomnia sufferers tend to know what it’s like to experience sleep deprivation or even restless sleep when they find it. Nonetheless, we all know what it feels like to not get a good night’s rest. Don’t worry. There is a natural remedy:  High-quality marijuana can help customers get to sleep. However, there is more to the relationship between cannabis and sleep than most realize. Did you know cannabis can inhibit REM sleep?

Can I Combine Other Natural Remedies with Cannabis?

Pairing other natural remedies with high-quality cannabis can help the customer fall asleep faster or get a better night’s sleep.

Terpenoids, which are aromatic in nature, help induce sleep quicker for restful sleeper. For most, Terpene, is unfamiliar. However, these natural compounds found in nature are what give items their signature scents, such as blueberries, lavender, citrus, and dozens more.

The District 8 offers all-natural marijuana blunts crafted out of terpene-rich hemp paper with hints of honey in each puff.

Various natural remedies, such as lavender, chamomile, and valerian root can provide a greater “sleepiness” effect in combination with cannabis.

So the next time you use your favorite go-to-sleep strain, consider a cup of chamomile tea or some valerian root, too.

How does cannabis affect sleep?

Cannabis is commonly used to relax and comfort those who use it. It should come as no surprise that the use of high-end marijuana helps customers fall asleep faster. This is certainly true for those treating various conditions involving, pain, PTSD, insomnia, other conditions which could interfere or inhibit sleep altogether.

Customers may notice a reduction in dreams if they use cannabis as a sleep-aid. This is normal. Cannabis does inhibit the REM phase of the sleep cycle, which reduces the occurrence of dreams. Most customers experience what’s called a “REM rebound” if and when they cease use of cannabis. This can results in lucid dreams for a period of time while not using cannabis to fall asleep.

Take note the best approach to using high-quality marijuana as a sleep aid is finding which strain works best for you. Cannabis does help customers fall asleep, and it can be combined with other natural remedies.

Discovering and using what works for you is the most important piece to the puzzle.

What’s a Cannabis Hangover?

Unfortunately, this can occur to those using cannabis as a sleep-aid. The “hangover” is usually described as a groggy, dehydrated, foggy feeling the morning after use. Those who experience this feeling have usually consumed low-grade marijuana.

The best defense to a cannabis hangover is to purchase high-end marijuana, drink plenty of water, eat healthily, and commit to a routine sleep schedule.

Whether you enjoy cannabis on its own or pair it with other natural sleep remedies, The District 8 supplies luxury cannabis to its customers as a flower or as hand-crafted, all-natural blunts to meet their needs. Find sleep again. Choose District 8 luxury cannabis.