Cannabis can be a great sleep aid. It’s why so many customers keep their preferable indica bedside. Even in cases of insomnia, high-end marijuana can help ease sufferers to sleep. However, there’s a greater relationship between sleep and cannabis than most realize. For example, the longer high-quality marijuana degrades, the sleepier it will make you. Did you know cannabis can help ease you into sleep?

Can I use marijuana for sleeping?

Alongside the general increase in appetite for most customers, cannabis tends to bring on drowsy, relaxed feelings. It’s a popular sleep aid for this reason alone. Insomnia sufferers find high-end marijuana to help them get to sleep where prescriptive drugs or over-the-counter sleep aids did not help or left the customer with disagreeable side-effects.

What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

It’s important to note the differences between THC and CBD. These are two of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. THC is known for inducing the euphoric high and relaxation most people feel when they smoke or consume it. CBD offers a natural way to reduce pain and can counteract the effects of THC to some extent.

Strains contain different content levels of THC and CBD. The high-THC content strains induce more of a “high” feeling. The high-CBD content induces a pain relief or reduced inflammation effect. There are strains that exist everywhere in between euphoric and pain relief, giving the customer a full spectrum of options to fit their wants or needs.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, always choose natural marijuana to get the best effects.

Should I use indica or sativa for sleep?

Understand the best marijuana for the customer is the one of their preference. However, the most commonly recommended cannabis for sleep is in the indica family.

Sativa tends to energize or uplift the customer. Indica induces a more relaxed feeling to the customer.

The typical recommendation for a high-quality cannabis sleep aid is indica.

Does cannabis work for insomnia?

Generally, insomnia is defined as a habitual or consistent inability to sleep. Most struggle with the initial falling-to-sleep, suffering from restlessness or dissatisfaction with their overall sleep experience.

Natural marijuana can help customers get to sleep. A good indica strain mixed with a hybrid green does induce relaxation, calmness, and an overall drowsy feeling.

What is the best indica for insomnia?

The best strain for the customer is dependant on their preference, wants, and needs. A common recommendation is to start with a strain in the indica family. Then, if you would like, try various other strains individually to see what may or may not work for you.

Again, the best cannabis for sleep is what works for the customer.

Individual sleep factors

It’s normal for customers to ask for the best choice for their sleep issues. It’s a common misconception that there is one perfect strain to cure everyone. This is not true. The beautiful state of cannabis is that there are various strains who can serve a myriad of people. It’s all about the customer.

Tolerance: In most cases, the more often a customer uses their marijuana of choice, the more tolerant their body will become to the effects. This is normal. However, a common piece of advice is to find a routine to fits your needs.

Dose: Cannabis does affect people differently, which means dose is a factor. Typically, the advice is to start small and start with a higher CBD content strain. In matters of sleep aid, the customer may want to start with a THC-CBD: 50-50 strain. This will mitigate the euphoric effects since CBD does counter THC. As the customer becomes more comfortable with the feeling of cannabis in their body, they can adjust their dose as needed.

Environment: This is an important factor for new marijuana users. External factors can cause anxiety, stress, or even paranoia prior to use. It’s best to consume cannabis in the desired environment. This environment typically is calm, relaxed, and comfortable.  

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