You’re not going to smoke some weed and stare at a wall, are you? (Okay, so it might be a really cool-looking wall.) If you’re going to enjoy cannabis products to their fullest, you’ll need to plan some activities. But what kinds of activities will go well with the strain of District 8 cannabis you just purchased?

Let’s take a look at how high-quality marijuana pairs with some of life’s most enjoyable activities:


If you haven’t read our previous blog on the differences between sativa and indica strains, we’ll break it down for you—sativa strains are strains that make you energized, giggly, racey, and excited, like the D8 East Coast Sour D, Cherry Lime Haze, and Redheaded Stranger. Here are some of the most popular activities to go with these sativa strains:


When in Rome, am I right? If you’re in Colorado to enjoy some cannabis products, you probably should enjoy some trails while you’re at it. Nature and cannabis go very well together—you can use your increased sense of wellbeing, improved mood, and boosted energy to enjoy nature to its fullest and tear it up on the trail! We’d recommend a cerebral, energized strain like Cherry Lime Haze for your hiking adventures—it’s a great daytime smoke that with cherry notes and some earth tones that are sure to keep the feet churning and the mind active!

Completing Household Chores

Have a bunch of laundry to do or an entire house to clean? A little smoke could help you crush these tasks and have a great time doing it! Sativa strains can make mundane tasks enjoyable, and give you a boost of energy that helps you take care of tasks like doing laundry, cleaning your kitchen, organizing your closet, moving the sprinklers, or doing anything else that needs to get done. We’d recommend East Coast Sour Diesel for all of your household chores—it’s an energizing and uplifting strain that eases into a deep, full-body relaxation right when you’re done with everything and just want to kick back and enjoy the results of your hard work.

Drawing & Making Art

If you’re looking to unleash your creative side, you need a sativa strain. The euphoric, head-to-toe buzz and enhanced state of relaxation can open your mind for artistic endeavors like drawing, painting, knitting, scrapbooking, or other arts and crafts activities. With a worry-free mind and a euphoric body, who knows what you could create!

Blue Dream is definitely your strain of choice when it comes to being creative and artistic. Feelings of euphoria, inspiration, and relief will dominate your experience, and its sweet, berry-like taste will make smoking all the more enjoyable.


A quick refresher: Indica strains are relaxing, spacey, and often sedating—they’re great for kicking back, relaxing, and falling asleep with the TV on. They’re more likely to stimulate your appetite, too. Let’s take a look at some of the most Indica-friendly activities:

Watching A Movie

We’d argue there’s nothing better to do while consuming cannabis than to kick back and watch a movie. Indica strains are perfect for this activity because they allow you to sink into the couch and sit still, and stimulate your appetite for movie snacks. However, some Indica strains are a bit too heavy for movie-goers, and cause them to pass out before the movie is over. We’d recommend you rent a funny film and choose the Deathstar strain—a heavy, relaxed euphoria that won’t put you to sleep.

Having a Spa Day

Sometimes, all you want to do is treat yourself—and that’s where an indica strain can come in handy. You can smoke a little, get a foot massage from your significant other, throw on a face mask, and let the day slip away. We’d recommend Gorilla Glue for days like this—a strain with heavy relaxation notes that glues you to the couch. Plus, it’s a great, “sticky icky” smoke.


Sometimes, you just want to something that will put you to sleep without taking some sort of strange sleeping pill. Indica strains are amazing for falling asleep and staying asleep—as long as you pick the right strain. That’s where Afghani comes in. It’s a heavy indica strain with sedating properties that commonly used by medical patients with insomnia, so it’ll certainly help you clear your mind and get some Z’s.

High-Quality Marijuana From District 8

No matter activities you’re looking to partake in, you need the best flower from District 8. We offer a vast selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains so you can easily pair the perfect buds with the perfect activities for the perfect smoke sesh. Browse our selection today!