It’s one of the most distinguishable smells in the world. You could be on lunch break or on a weekend getaway and get a whiff of it. The smell fills you with a unique feeling, one mixed with comfort, relaxation, and excitement. Even if high-quality marijuana doesn’t have a place in your life yet, it’s a scent recognizable by almost everyone. So why does cannabis smell the way it does?

It’s all about the Terpenes

Terpenes make up the compounds that give cannabis its pungent scents and tastes.

As oils, the terpenes aromatic effects help promote certain types of moods and states in the cannabis enthusiast. For example, earthy, musky scents typically induce sleepiness. Lemon and lime aromas tend to elevate the mood.

The strain, its terpene compound, and the mode of consumption all have an effect on how it affects the cannabis enthusiast. This is why working with your budtender at District 8 helps to find the mood and state you would like to enjoy.

District 8 offers a luxury cannabis selection of indicas, sativas, and hybrids for your desired effect.

So how do you hide the smell of cannabis?


The Cover-up: When growing weed naturally, consider including other natural plants in the environment with their own powerful funk, such as hibiscus, citronella, or marigolds.

Ventilate: If you do grow plants indoors, make sure and ventilate. It can push the pungent smell of high-end cannabis outdoors.

Odor Bags: Check out smell proof bags for storage of your luxury cannabis. The bags come in a range of sizes and generally can be found at your local grocer.


Sploof: An easy to make item you can create out of household products. You can use a toilet paper roll, dryer sheet, and a rubber band. Strap the dryer sheet to the end of the roll and exhale into the roll. This dilutes the smell significantly.

Location: Choose where you enjoy your high-end marijuana to reduce the impact of the smell. Outdoors will obviously decrease the impact of the smell. Consider areas with moderate airflow or consider opening a window while you enjoy your cannabis..


Air Fresheners: Use a preferred scent and spray your clothes, the area, and the furniture to help neutralize the smell. Choose artificial or natural smells akin to nature.

Wash and Chew: Consider a mouth freshener or gum to neutralize the taste. Wash your hands to remove any sticky cannabis particles from your skin, if you’ve smoked a joint or a luxury cannabis blunt.

D8 and its enthusiasts love the pungent smell of high-end marijuana. It’s a must in our daily lives. Nonetheless, our lives are filled with those who may not prefer the wonderful scent. In any case, enjoy your cannabis how you prefer, and use the tips above to create a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Want to enjoy high-quality marijuana? Concerned the smell is too strong? District 8 offers a selection of luxury cannabis flowers and blunts. Visit your local D8 location and ask your budtender any questions you may have about the scent of your cannabis.