Though marijuana is legal here in Colorado, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone to know you are high when you’re in public. There are several reasons why someone might suspect you are high, the obvious of which is the smell. First off, as much as we might enjoy the smell of cannabis, not everyone does, so it is courteous to avoid carrying a very strong weed odor. Secondly, if you smell strongly of cannabis, you may begin to feel paranoid that everyone knows you are high and are judging you, detracting from your experience. To have the best high experience, carry these items to avoid smelling like marijuana.

An Airtight Container

If you are carrying marijuana on you, it’s much more likely that you will smell like it than if you have just run out the door after taking a hit. If possible, avoid this situation altogether by not having your weed on your when you don’t need it. When you need to bring your green with you, ensure it isn’t too smelly by keeping it in an airtight glass container. This not only ensures that the smell won’t get out, it also keeps your weed nice and fresh.

Hand Sanitizer and/or Lotion

After smoking a blunt, the smell of cannabis stays on your fingers, meaning anyone who comes in close proximity to your hands knows you have been getting high. If this is something that makes you self-conscious, make a point to carry hand sanitizer with you to eliminate the smell. You might also want to carry lotion, as hand sanitizer can be very drying.

Facial Wipes

Sometimes, when you’re feeling very high and are about to go out in public, splashing some cold water on your face maywake you up enough to get the party started once again. Carrying some facial wipes on you eliminates the need for a sink to do this; simply wipe your face to feel refreshed and eliminate any lingering smell of marijuana on your skin.


As stated above, it’s inconsiderate to smell strongly of marijuana in public. The easiest way to cover your cannabis odor is to keep perfume or cologne on you when you are indulging in some ganja. It’s easy to find a strong-smelling spray that you enjoy and can cover the skunky smell on your clothes. Just make sure to not overdo it and smell too strongly of cologne; that’s a whole different problem!


Any sort of breath freshener will do, whether you carry mints, gum, or mouthwash. Regardless of its form, you will want to make sure to have these handy for when you are smoking. This is an element that many people forget about, until they are having a conversation with someone in close quarters and they ask, “Have you been smoking weed?” You can avoid this embarrassing moment by popping a breath mint once you are done smoking.

Additional Ideas for Appearing Less High

The smell of cannabis is only one aspect you have to navigate when high in public. With bloodshot eyes and odd behavior, you might feel like there is a big sign above your head that says, “I’m high!” Here are some other ideas for feeling more comfortable being high in public.

Bring Eye Drops

If you are one of those people who, no matter how little you smoke, are going to have red eyes? This is a dead giveaway that you’re high and may make you feel too self-conscious to fully enjoy your cannabis experience. Fortunately, simply using eye drops is usually enough to clear the red eye so you don’t have to worry about people looking at your squinty eyes suspiciously.

Keep it Cool

There are certain telltale signs of a high person: laughing hysterically, excessive eating, being overly philosophical, and forgetting everything are just a few. If you are concerned about appearing too high, keep these behaviors in check when you’re out in public. This can be easier said than done, but if you are concerned with people judging you for being high, it’s worth the effort to keep it under wraps.

If being in public while high makes you too nervous even with these steps, then try staying in when you enjoy your cannabis; it’s better than being paranoid and ruining your high. Whether you want to feel relaxed, energized, or ease your pain, our cannabis brand has what you need. Shop D8 Blunts today!