Because marijuana has a long history as an illegal drug, many people are not aware that it has actually been enjoyed recreationally for centuries. Not only that, it has been used by many well-respected people throughout history! Though it is easier here in Colorado to be open about your love of cannabis, it may help to know that you are in great company. In this blog, we will go over the world’s most famous marijuana enthusiasts from history. Some might surprise you!

William Shakespeare

There is evidence to suggest that the Bard enjoyed bud. At Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s estate, historians found traces of marijuana on some clay pipes. These pipes were dated back to the 1600s, right around the time he passed away. Given the fact he produced so many famous works, it is possible that he smoked to enhance his creativity (learn more about cannabis in creativity in our previous blog).

Queen Victoria

Believe it or not, even the Queen of England was a cannabis fan. She used it medicinally to help her cope with menstrual cramps, and it was even prescribed to her by her doctor, Sir Russell Reynolds. Sir Reynolds said that marijuana was “one of the most valuable medicines we possess.” You might think of the Victorian era as a stuffy, repressed time, but when it came to recreational drugs, it was quite liberal.

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead, the world-renowned anthropologist, was a big advocate for marijuana legalization. She began using cannabis personally to treat an illness, but continued use after her recovery because she enjoyed it so much. She even spoke before Congress about this issue, describing her success in treating her ailment.

George Washington

Your love of marijuana doesn’t have to stand in the way of your success; you could even be president one day! George Washington, the first U.S. president and Revolutionary War hero was also a big fan of medicinal cannabis. He also grew hemp, and at one point, it was even his primary crop.

Pharaoh Ramses II

Cannabis use is not a recent development by any means. In fact, it was quite common among the ancient Egyptians! Pharaohs often used cannabis to treat a variety of conditions. In fact, archeologists found traces of cannabis on the mummified remains of Pharaoh Ramses II.

Christopher Columbus

Despite the many atrocities he committed against the indigenous people of the Americas, there was one good thing that Christopher Columbus did: it is believed that he is responsible for bringing sativa cannabis to the New World.


John F. Kennedy, the 35th American president, was also a marijuana user. He used it to manage his chronic back pain. His biography tells the story of the night of July 16, 1962, on which he allegedly smoked three joints but turned down a fourth, saying, “What if the Russians did something now?”

Louisa May Alcott

You may be familiar with 19th-century author Louisa May Alcott from her most famous work, “Little Women.” An outspoken suffragette and abolitionist, Alcott was actually the first woman in the city of Concord, Massachusetts to register to vote. While Alcott never said on record that she was a marijuana user, many of her short stories indicate that she was. One story, called “Perilous Play,” includes a scene in which two lovers smoke cannabis on a boat and get engaged. One character describes being high as a “heavenly dreaminess.” One of her stories ended with the quote “Heaven bless hashish, if its dreams end like this!” Anyone who has gotten high before can relate to her description of this feeling!

This diverse crew of marijuana enthusiasts has undeniably left their marks on history. An appreciation for cannabis clearly doesn’t prevent greatness. Shop our cannabis brand for high-quality marijuana!